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My Organization Tips!

Hey Guys!!

There are some new things in my blog such as: Forever and always lyrics by Taylor Swift and I have a contest for those who wanna join!

Organization tips are great and so are Boys, I have also included a Quiz to see is who and why they are diffrent But before i type up that stuff you obvisoly need to know more about me!

Hi I am Emily I Have a Wild secreat that only Friends know!

I am 10 years old and a county living girl!

I have short brown hair that sits in a bob and am very skinny!

I have an obsession for Taylor Swift and soccer! (my cousin is a famous soccer player! Not telling you who he is because he may not want you to know him and he has 17 girlfriends!)

My best friend on here is Sweet an Sour 02! Go girl and MissAmandaMiller is my bestie to!

So now you know about me go read the rest of my blog and find out how i talk to boys and organize my bedroom! Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog!



Hey So I have been Searching

Youtube on organization Tips and I have made some of my own and have also have made one of my own morning routine.


Keep All you papers Filed in a box or polio files.


Keep pencils and pens handy


Use post it notes to keep track of things or use a white boared


Keep your laptop set up at all times.


Keep your room clean it will help you be more organized


Hang up your pictures your parents forgot.


File your books like homework etc


get tabs to keep track of what page of your homework book or book you are reading for school.


Have a pinter


have a bin


have a lamp


make a planner


make a binder


Make a shopping list of what you need for school


make a task sheet


fill in your phone / address book


colour code your notes like so if i had studies red and english purple and maths green etc


organize your bag each morning.


In the morning routine



set alarm clock to whatever time mine is 5:00.

Have breakfast


Have a shower if possible.


Get dressed for school.


Get all my gear ready for school.


Cleaning your bedroom prossess


Firstly Having a clean room is a big thing 2 organization tips and tricks so here are ideeas to keeping you room cleanMoney mouth


K so first hang up clothes and organize drawers.


If you have old boxes open them see what is in them!


Clean up toys on your floor.


Make your beds in the morning big help to make your room tidy


Clean out old things and change them to the seson


Make a bookshelf and place your books there.


Have a clean bin so your room does not smell bad!


Vacume the floor.


Hang up pics of nice designs or pics you painted or your family anything really as long as it all goes in together!!!!!!


Now this is Emilys organization tips!!!!!!


DO NOT make a blog like mine it is called copiying and i HATE IT!!!!!












 Organize today

Organize today And be happy tommorow!!



Hey gys!!  XXSkittlesRockXX wanted some info on how to talk to boys so here it is!!

How to talk to boys tip: 1

Guys like to talk about themselves. All people do. One of the easiest ways to get to know a boy is to ask him questions. You could ask, "What did you think of that test this morning?" or ask about some sport he's interested in. Don't ask questions that could be answered by yes or no, 'cause then the conversation is over. Music, TV shows, and movies are also good topics.



How to talk to boys tip: 2

Laughter is contagious. A wise man once said, "Laughter is the best medicine," and he was right. When you're happy and laughing, it's contagious, so don't be afraid of showing off your sense of humor. If making people laugh is not one of your strengths, search the Internet for jokes or fun anecdotes that you can bring up in conversation.



How to talk to boys tip: 3

Don't be a chatty Cathy. No one likes a chatterbox. When we're nervous, we all tend to ramble on, but overpowering a conversation and forgetting to ask questions shows a person you're not interested in hearing about them. Look for clues. If he's wearing a baseball cap, ask him how his team is doing. If he plays a particular video game, ask about his highest score. These types of questions will definitely instigate a conversation.




How to talk to boys tip: 5

Try flirting. You don't have to read a book to know how. It's easy after you've tried it a few times. Flirting is a great way to show someone you're interested in getting to know them better. It's harmless and fun. Make eye contact. Offer him a smile. You'll be surprised how you'll naturally figure it out!


How to talk to boys tip: 6

Get up your courage and move out of your comfort zone. What's the worst that can happen? There's not a person alive who hasn't experienced rejection...and we haven't heard anyone die from it yet! Get involved in activities you enjoy and conversation will flow. Just make sure the boy you approach is worthy of someone as special as you. Remember our "how to talk to boys tips" next time he comes around. and you will be wondering why it was so hard before.


Hey People Have Been asking for quizzers so i have made one below!


Ice-Cream or Jelly

KFC or Red Rooster

Bedroom or Tent

Orange Juice or Apple Juice

Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus




I Love Taylor Swift sooo... I have included "Forever and Always" By Taylor Swift!


Once upon a time I believe it was a Tuesday night when I caught your eye and we caught on to something I hold into the night, you looked me in the eye and told me you loved me.


were you just kidding cause it seems to me this thing is breaking down we almost never speak I don't feel welcome anymore,

baby what happened please tell me cause a second it was perfect now you're half way out the door,




and i stare at the phone he still hasn't called and fell so low you can't feel anything at all and I flash back to when you said "Forever and Always" oh and it rains in your bedroom evrything is wrong it rains when  your here and it rains when your gone cause I was there when you said "Forevevr and Always"


was I out of line did I say something way too HoneST made you run and hide like a scared little boy I looked into your eyes thought I knew you for a minut now I'm not so sure,


so here's to everything coming down to scilence that cuts me to the core where is this going?

Thought I knew for a minute but I don't anymore




You didn't mean baby,

I don't think so


OH back up, Baby Back Up,

did you forget evrthing

back up, baby back up did you forget evevrything back up, BAby back up, please back up, oh back up, back up, baby back up.




cause it rains in your bedroom everything is wrong it rains when your here and it rains when your gone

I was there when you said forever and always











Contest Time!!


Okay so this contest is you guys to put as many diffrent celebritys on your blog as you can when I find the best 3 I will announce the winners! but I have a time limit for when I want it to finish so If it finishes before you post yours post me a comment and I will make it go for an extra day, If needed!









Okay so this is the date they are due by!!


May 13TH


Have fun be creative to!


Comment below for more on my blog!








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